9TH JUN - 20TH JUN 2017 (+3 days free accomodation - Check out 23rd Jun)

A Circle where we can be nurtured to create, love, hold, let go, allow more and grow. A Circle to connect with our other sisters. A Circle to assist with the care of Mother Earth and wisdom. A Circle that integrates the great planetary love and consciousness.

Discover untapped territory within yourself at this enchanted 15 Days in the depths of Peru. 

During the women circle retreat, we work in knowing ourselves better, removing fears, have more confidence and breakdown barriers working with Sacred Tools and rituals.


The community of Pisac is located at 33km from the city of Cusco, is one of the most important places in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. 

The place of the retreat is settled in a community with extensive experience in the use of ancestral traditions tools for awakening and healing purposes, in a sacred ritual context held in a harmonic environment.

The word Pisac (or Písaq) comes from the Quechua word pisaq or p’isaqa, which means partridge (medium-sized birds that abounds in this area). That bird is associated with spirituality and with the mystical.

The Woman Circle Retreat is an experience that brings the kind of transformation that we can only create when we are committed woman, who are really on a path of learning about themselves and creating a better word. 


  • 12 Day / 11 Night all inclusive + 3 extra days accommodation for personal integration (15 DAYS IN TOTAL) in a double room with private toilet.
  • Morning meditation or yoga
  • Despacho Ceremony.
  • 3X Ancestral Meditations with Mother.
  • 1X Ancestral Meditation with Father.
  • 1X One on One Session of your choice.
  • Multiple Transformational Sessions & Workshops 
  • Day trip to multiple Ancestral sites and a local group of traditional artisan woman.
  • Local Market tour
  • Airport and day-trip transfers
  • All health conscious food.
  • 1x45 min post retreat Skype call to support our integration.
  • 1x 2 hours Group Integration Session Post-retreat in Australia
  • New friendships.
  • Some other happy gifts and more…


If you are not already in Peru get your flights to Lima, from Lima you can fly to Cuzco.  You will need to stay minimal a night in the capital. In your stay in Lima be aware to stay in Miraflores (neighborhood in Lima) as it’s secure and where you can also find a friendly environment when you don’t speak Spanish.

Recommended flight Lima-Cuzco:

Avianca. Flight 809 320. 

Departing Lima (LIM): 08:40 - 9 Jun, Fri. Arriving to Cuzco (CUZ) 09:59 - 9 Jun, Fri

In Cuzco you will be picked up at the airport and bring to Pisac in a 45 min road trip.

The centre is in Pisac, the heart of Cusco’s Sacred Valley, just 2.5 hours from world famous Machu Picchu. Surrounded by majestic mountains (The Apus).

Why those dates and the Sacred Valley?

Just after our Sisterhood Sacred Circle is the Solstice  on 21st June 2017 (time of many local celebrations) a very special date to be in the Sacred Valley that you can also enjoy during the 3 days extra accommodation.

Check in: 09th June 2017. From 9:00 am Check out: 23th June 2017. 10:00 am

CHECK IN: 09TH JUNE 2017. FROM 9:00 AM & CHECK OUT: 23TH JUNE 2017 AT 10:00 AM.


Testimonials & Experiences
I have been on my healing path for a very long time now - around 10 years. During that time I have tried almost every healing modality under the sun. In my teens and early 20's I suffered from depression, self loathing and destructive behavior. I have also had all sorts of skin and digestive problems (acne, eczema, heartburn). 

Since connecting with Nathalie and her healing work I have been able to come out of my spiritual shell and learn to really love myself. I have come to terms with my experiences as a child, which I believe were the root cause of many of my problems growing up. My skin and digestion has vastly improved, and I am a much calmer person.

My biggest fear before I began to meditate with Nathalie was connecting with people on a deeper level, and though I have not quite overcome this, I am well on the way to doing so.  

I love working with Nathalie because she is incredibly funny and she holds the meditation space beautifully. My favourite part is eating the massive yummy feast that she organises each time!  

I have recommended Nathalie's healing sessions to many of my friends and family, always telling them that it is a life changing experience and a good opportunity to not only heal yourself on a physical level, but more so on an emotional and spiritual level."  

Nathalie Viglasky

How is the weather?

During June the conditions are fairly dry and the weather generally sunny, during the day the average max temperatures are around 20°C. However can also be very cold at night (0°C).


-     Airline Tickets To Cuzco. -     Any Shopping - there are amazing arts & crafts. -     Food and transport expenses during the 3 last days of accommodation. -     Tips, donations, extras or ‘gratitudes’ – Drivers, cookers, cleaners and general staff in Peru use to receive tips when they serve groups of people (don’t worry, they are receiving however a nice payment for their services, anyways is a expected gesture ).

The investment for this life changing experience is US$ 2970

Now, you may have some questions, so I want to answer them to make sure that this retreat is for you…