Serve humanity with the best of my ability and free will, avoiding cause conflict or suffering to anyone and exalting consciousness, brotherhood, unity and love among all mankind and nature.


I believe in infinity, so I explore the art of bridging gaps. I spend my life bridging traditions & the modern word for awakening and healing purposes.   I work as a server to support transformation, using Sacred Ancestral Tools, Natural Medicines, Communication &Holistic Techniques; honouring my roods and bloodline, system of beliefs and cultural background to support the sacred journey of people working through:

  • Past, Present and Future Visions and Perceptions.
  • Emotional Transformation.
  • Relationships transformational work
  • Journey to the ancestry strength and great mystery.
  • Life purpose and passion discovery.
  • Integration of the male and female aspect of ourselves.
  • Ancestral rituals and sacred tools.
  • Arts and holistic creation.
  • Discovering self authenticity 

I am educated in Mass media and Multimedia communications, conversely over the past 9 years, I work with radio, journalism, photography, audiovisual production and arts, at the same time I have facilitated more them 500 ceremonies, 100 meditations retreats and hundreds of individual healing sessions in more them 7 countries.

Experiencing spirituality also allow me to reflect into a very strong connection with the natural word,  with plants in particular, so currently I am a passionate gardener, loving to grow food, medicines and flowers all around. 

In cooperation I also create magic tools, medicines instruments and designs inspired by the universe and its infinite enchanting, awakening and healing forces. You can find these magic treasures at, a collective magic shop.

For almost a decade I have worked with people from different backgrounds and nacionalities; from the poorest or least privileged to busy professionals and top figures, in order to support their transformation; in the relationship to themselves, to mother earth and to all that is... I believe in a better world, a word in with we all embrace our infinity, exalting consciousness, brotherhood, unity and love among all mankind and nature. 

Let be  friends 

Testimonials & Experiences
"I am really glad I met Nathalie on my quest of self-exploration. Ever since I decided to shift my focus from the outside world to my inner one, I realised great many things both about myself and the world. The answers were always there, right before me, I just needed the strength to accept them. Thank you, Nathalie, for granting me that strength and helping on my voyage. If not for you, I'd still be stuck going round and round in circules, asking myself same old questions. I'd say that everyone can trust Nat to take them where they need to go and bring back safely. I know I would." 
Alex Kharkov