We will be working with nature, arts, sacred rituals, healing and energetic tools, inducing self healing powers and awakening, from a holistic framework: body, mind and spirit.

Currently working offering ceremonies, retreats, group's and individual healing sessions covering:

  • Practice of Ancestral Traditions and creative sessions for integration, deeper bonding endeavours and aligning intentions and goals (for a projects that demands co-creation),  
  • The Nature‚Äôs Path (Meditations & grounding to earth deeds, allowing us to feel the primordial vibration of our biological system, bringing us into a state of greater coherence). These practices enrich our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, so that we can operate more efficiently and harmoniously.
  • General & Spiritual Counseling and reading (supporting the integration of self-wisdom, knowledge and information)  
  • Hape Meditation (Traditional Hape ceremony which has been used both in the spiritual field and in processes of cleaning and detoxification)
  • Biomagnetism Therapy (is a technique that uses pairs of magnets positioned in the body to balance, this way, their PH and eliminate viruses and bacteria, helping our body to recover its health naturally.
  • Sisterhood Circles (Events created specially to empower woman spirituality).
  • Master Plants and Spiritual retreats in South America (Special retreats that integrate healing techniques and master plants of South America; as Hape, Ajo Sasha, Tobbaco, etc, for healing and spiritual awakening), design to allow not only personal development and healing, but cultural and spiritual connection.
  • Guest Speaker Session (speaking about traditional healing tools, foods & medicines; the power or vibrations and energies; nature: our mother, our home; feminine connection and development or any other subject  you will like to share with your group).
Testimonials & Experiences
"I started to see Nathalie in early 2013 I came with much sickness and little hope. I had been struggling with a rare neurological muscular disorder. I had seen a neurologist for seven years and been through extensive pharmaceutical testing with no real positive effect. I had found myself spiritually, emotionally and physically exhausted, I felt it was time to seek a more holistic framework of healing.  I was in the process of withdrawal from benzodiazepines and felt the calling to seek help and guidance from something outside my current awareness. What I found surprised me and who enabled me to find that was Nathalie. Nathalie guided me and protected me through my next two years of healing. There was never any rush and there was never any pressure. I gave myself wholly to this experience with Nathalie and we worked collectively to reach the places I needed to go to heal and let go. I was often filled with fear, my greatest fear was that I was not going to be able to be healed and have my physical health restored. I was able to face that fear and many others with Nathalie. Her strength and compassion became my strength and compassion. I received such huge healing and love during my time with Nathalie and today I have recovered completely from the illness that was present for so many years. Some of my fondest memories of working with Nathalie was the sheer joy of being introduced back to myself, my spirit and soul. I discovered that when I was sick I had disowned many parts of self and to finally have that those returned and reacquainted filled me with such hope and positivity for the healing of others. Since meeting Nathalie and receiving her guidance and healing I have returned to study and am currently completing my Bachelor of Holistic Counselling. I have energy and passion for life once again and intend work with others supporting them in their own journey towards healing. I would recommend anyone who feels they need to reconnect with self and nature to be confident in trusting Nathalie to guide you there and support you in your own personal journey and discovery.  The unconditional love and trust that Nathalie showed me is something I will use for the rest of my life, a gift and a blessing that I am truly grateful for. I write this with great love for what I have received from Nathalie and her beautiful work.  I urge those who are looking for guidance and support on their path to healing to trust in Nathalie, her wisdom, her strength and her compassion.

Matthew Healey.