• Hape Meditation - 3rd March at 4:00 pm at Uki, 2484 NSW.

Hape (rape) is air medicine. In a blow we received the grandfather's wind blessing through the tobacco cleansing our perception, clearing the mind and opening the upper energy channels, to connect with the highest of our being. When receiving a blow of Hape, the medicine goes up cleaning, ordering and aligning our energy field, so that we can have clarity even in the most ‘uncertain’ times.

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  • Talk at the Event  EXPAND YOUR AWARENESS - 16th March in Perth, WA 6004

    A one day immersive event bringing together a range of speakers, topics and experiences to share some powerful insights in the awareness, conscious and energy space.


    -> Creating Conscious Wealth & Abundance In Your Life – your host Ryan Crawford, Wealth Coach and Trainer

    -> The Body Miracle, Making the most of yours – Mitchell Vickridge, Mind Body Specialist and High Performance Coach

    -> Plant Medicines And Their Role In Expanding Consciousness – Nathalie Vera, Spiritual Mentor and Shamanic Healer, founder of United on Earth

    -> Deep Dive Panel – Seeking Enlightenment In Today’s World - hear the real life experiences & personal insights into the journey's and perspectives from mixed background of truth seekers and awakening leaders - hosted by Lachlan Samuel, founder of the Open Up Podcast

    -> Breathe – Your Power within – Journey inwards to rediscover Peace in a live conscious breathe experience.

    -> Sound Experience - A live sound journey, designed to center and connect you to your higher perspective, through relaxation.


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  • Sisterhood Circle - 31st March 2019 at 1:00 pm Springbrook, QLD.
  •  Hape Meditation - 31st March at 4:00 pm at Springbrook, QLD 

Testimonials & Experiences
"Nathalie was recommended to me by my brother and other close friends. I first started working with her after having gone through a significant period of growth and was looking to deepen my connection with nature and my spirituality. 

From my very first session, I felt a huge paradigm shift. I felt that I was able to face my deep dark shadows head on, whilst at the same time my heart was blown wide open and I was able to receive the clarity I had been looking for regarding my true life purpose. That clarity then assisted me to draw on my own divine power, including previously untapped inner strength, courage and wisdom to make the necessary changes in my life to truly 'walk my truth'. This included making some difficult heart centred decisions and taking serious and committed action on my health, relationships and career. I now find myself happier, healthier and more supported than I have ever been! 

Nat's approach is very inclusive, supportive, nurturing and humble which really works for me. She never puts herself or anyone else on a pedestal and I have found her authenticity to be endearing and empowering. Working with Nat is incredibly powerful, but whilst she can open some doors for you, the truth is that it is still up to you to walk through them. This work has by no means been easy (in fact, it has been very difficult at times) but it has definitely been worth it! 

Would I recommend Nat to others? Absolutely! And indeed I have and many of my loved ones have since worked with Nat and also achieved some incredible results. If you are ready to face your fears and are committed to diving deep and doing the inner work to be the best version of your self then Nat could be the key to unlocking your potential. Get in touch with her. You won't regret it!"

Francesca Pagani
"I started working with Nathalie a couple of years ago, when I was going through a very difficult time in my life. 4 years ago I was diagnosed with a large tumour inside the spinal cord at the level of the neck. This condition means that the nerves inside the cord are being compressed by the tumour and let me tell you- the pain is excruciating. When I met Nath, I was spending most of my days in bed because the pain has escalated and nothing seemed to help, though I have tried countless healing modalities, spiritual practices, herbs and pain medications.
I will never forget that first session with Nath. My worst fear was that I will no longer be in control and that it might be a difficult journey for me, seeing I was in so much pain but actually, the opposite happened!  I experienced such an immense relief of all the pain and symptoms that were hijacking my life. I was taken to a sacred, quiet place beyond my physical body and I recognised this place as home, my true essence. The results for me were outstanding. In the days, weeks and months following, I was able to reduce the pain medication substantially, my movement improved and to be honest I felt like I was given a new lease on life. Since that first session, I've been having intermittent sessions with Nath over the years. Her support and spiritual guidance helps me to no end. She is like a rock to me or an ancient, wise mother of sorts.Though the tumour remains stable (a huge gift!), my pain has been progressing, but thanks to this work with Nath, I feel I have a quality of life. I recommend working with Nath if you are having difficulty in your life or you want to delve deeper into the inner workings of your soul. In fact, I have recommended Nath to many close friends and family, who have since benefited from her work in their own lives.I trust her with all my heart. Her care, love, commitment and devotion to this work and to helping all beings is something I am forever grateful for".

 Lee Gefen

How was your experience in the Hape Retreat?

My experience was one of deepening and expansion with my connection and relationship with the medicine of Hape'. I feel the program is structured very well, we were eased into it with some more detailed explanation about Hape', then as the days went on the program got more in depth with the study. If you feel a strong connection to Hape' or are feeling called, then this is the program to do.

Hape has supported me with the integration of the work and healing that took place at the retreat, both physically and energetically. When I am feeling conflicted with a big issue, when I need clarity on an important decision in my life, sitting in ceremony and self serving Hape' is a very good way to help clear the conflict within, to gain clarity about what i need to do and I feel very supported and guided by the spirit of Hape', it is such a very strong guide and teacher.

I definitely feel a deeper connection since the experience at the Hape Special. I feel that if you are going to sit with medicine, this program is so important to do, there is such a huge difference in my experience of sitting with Hape' before i did the program and after. I felt like I went through a big initiation and from that the connection is so much stronger, the level of respect for the medicine is so much deeper and my experience of self serving in ceremony is so much more powerful. I have so much love and gratitude for this medicine and what i received from the program.

I would definitely recommend this retreat to everyone that feels a connection to Hape' and who wants to work with the medicine on a more regular basis. In the retreat you get to make your self server, you get to make Hape', so after the program you are ready to serve yourself in your own ceremony. Words can't really describe the experience with this retreat, even months later it is still continuing to unfold and deepen. This retreat changed my life, so yes I would highly recommend this retreat to everyone.

Daniel Kerran

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MAY 2019

  • Uki Hape Journey from 15th till 19th May in Uki, NSW 2484.

 The journey will be to focus on Hape with the intention to establish a deeper connection with this ancestral master. However, this is not a course to become a Hape Practitioner or Shaman, but an initiation into a greater study of the use of Hape and conceivably receiving guidance into the world of this tool.

The blow of Hape immediately focuses the mind, stops its chattering and opens the freed mind space to your intentions. Then Hape can support the releasing of emotional, physical and spiritual illnesses which can ease negativity and confusion.

Curanderos use Hape to re-align their energy channels and facilitate connection with themselves and the universe as well as to pave the way for detoxifying the body and clean out all excess mucus, toxins and bacteria.

What can you envisage from your experience in the Uki Hape Journey?

  • 5 days of transformational sharing experiences with hape in a sustainable / eco retreat venue at one of Australia’s iconic landscapes identified as the spiritual heartland of Australia.
  • All health conscious and delicious food.
  • Gain through the support of an ancestral tools, as hape, the opportunity to explore the depth of your wisdom, to discover your own intuition and knowing, to step into layers of healing that may have felt impossible. 
  • Hape meditation practice changes the brains response to stressful stimuli and reduces anxiety, having excellent effects on the cardiovascular, digestive and immune system. Slowing down to hape meditation improves efficiency and health. It really allows us to focus the mind – when well trained the mind becomes our very best friend, a welcome tool to be used wisely in all situations.
  • A space of love and respect. We regard each individual in the group as unique, particular and dynamic. We work to build a group experience based on mutual respect and tenderness.
  • Space for creative expression/meditation as part of the integration of our inner work.
  • Time for each participant to learn the process of self-serving hape. Each participant has the option, of course, to not self-serve, if it does not feel right.
  • Techniques to self-guide your own hape’s studies after the retreat.
  • The pay of any sacrifice that the retreat can represent for you, so, make the time for it. Just when your schedule is so booked and it seems so impossible to pause and ‘waste’ time, that’s when you need to pause, regroup, and focus on what…no, who really matters.”
  • A loving and respectful tribe to be part of, to connect and to return to.
  • Some happy surprise…
  • Support and tools for the best integration.

Bookings: You can start your booking by filling in the application at

JUne - July 2019


  • Self-discovery Retreat:  25th June to 06th July (11 days + 1= 12 days in).

For the Self-discovery 2019 we got the opportunity to get together our Maestros from diverse Quechua’s Traditions, Yawanawa Tribe and Comunindios, experienced carriers of ancestral medicine lines and committed servers to your healing and growth. We provide a safe, compassionate and loving environment that allows full opening to our transformative potential and development.

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  • Sisterhood Special Retreat: 6 Days in. Dates: 8th till 13 July 2019

We are having a delightful meeting to share, heal and recover female power: this brings us the possibility of harmony, balance and beauty, it also allow us to review and heal our significant ties, relationships and everything that is related to the deep bonds.

The Yawanawa/Shipibo Special Sisterhood Circle is an exceptional time for planning and seeding our intentions, it is a space of opening and inspiration, where we get prepared for a magical time of beginnings, to get clear about the things we want by learning deeper about ourselves and the magic to be a woman.

  • Silence Retreat: 16 days in.  Dates: 15th till 30th July 2019. 

In a Silence Retreat we study life, ourselves and the connection we can establish with the natural world for our development, healing and self-discovery. We study with master plants, called that way for their quality of teaching. The content of dreams and visions during the dieta give advice to the individual: personal and general. For example, some people receive instructions of how to improve their daily life, there are also those who receive instructions of how to cure certain diseases, either for themselves or others.


indonesia - Bali  

  • Hape Special BALI. Dates: 9th till 15th September 2019.
    Experience a 7 day meeting to
    discover and establish a deeper connection with Hape as ancestral master. We will be connecting and conceivably starting a greater study of the use of Hape, receiving guidance into the world of this tool.



  • Hape Sessions 
  • One on one & Group Sessions
  • Sisterhood Circles.


PARA & Acre - brazil

  • Comunindios Self-discovery Journey: 15 Days to Alter Do Chao.  Dates: to be Announced 
  • Yawanawa Journey: 10 days to the Yawanawa Territories.  Dates: to be Announced